Never trust IT. Why, well just read (carefully) any software vendors disclaimer. Image Daimler would have you sign such a disclaimer when you are handed the keys of your new car.

So when operating a remote amateur radio station (400 km away), you have to assume that something can or will fail, especially since you are radiating HF energy. In my case, due to a PC lock up, the 13,8V power supply and my IC-7300 transceiver were forced to remain switched on for 14 days (times 24 hours). Luckily the IC-7300 has a screen saver…

So what’s your plan B when your PC or network access point has crashed? First of all, the keyword here is out-of-band. This can be as simple as your neighbor cycling your mains power switch. Or .. use a SMS controlled power switch connected to the mobile network. Clearly an IP switch cannot be considered out-of-band..

So I installed a DRH-301 unit fitted with an old SIM-Card. You don’t need a data plan, just voice/SMS. This is an excellent piece of kit. Make sure your PC boots when the mains power comes on, this is usually a BIOS setting.

For security you rely on CLIP as the DRH-301 only responds to a pre-programmed mobile number. Impersonating an IP address (spoofing) is easier than impersonating a mobile number, so you are reasonably secure.

Since then I only had to revert to plan B once, this was when Microsoft screwed up and you had to enter info on the console after one of those feature updates. Not nice for all those remote desktop users and admins.

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