So I chose this rather provocative title. Because the subject is discussed on the internet in a very non technical way: “With 16GB you are future proof.” Well, 8GB has been the baseline with Apple for over 10 years, and will most likely remain so with their unified architecture. Pro-users will buy more memory, but these users will definitely not buy your 3 year old 16GB second hand mac. Meaning the extra money you payed for 16GB will not result in a premium second hand value. The audience for your 2nd hand mac will more likely be first time users, or those looking for aRead More →

After I decided to have my mac mini (running Catalina) to play the role of home server (with 9 Watts idle) a VPN solution to make the LAN reachable from the “outside” had to be added. The mac mini replaced a Rasp-Pi with home assistent and Wireguard in docker (5 Watts idle). Installing the Wireguard App on Catalina is tricky since the latest version (1.0.16) does not support Catalina anymore. Luckily I installed the 1.0.15 version of the App from the Appstore some time ago and I could download it again (the cloud symbol) on Catalina (the Appstore informs you that you will download aRead More →

After using a mac mini late 2009 (bought new) and thereafter a late 2012 model (2nd hand) for many years, I made the jump to Apple Silicon, a mac mini m2. The 2012 model was upgraded to 16GB and 2x 1TB SSD and now serves as file/lms/vpn/unbound/vm and time machine server. The 2009 model had serious sleep problems, the 2012 model (mojave, later catalina) worked perfect, especially with WOL and bonjour proxy. But wait, the led on the front of the new mini remains on.. well thats normal for modern minis. Smart move to silent a lot of sleep questions. So does the box goesRead More →

I learned about sshfs when using Daphile, the music server and player package for Intel PC’s. Daphile should connect to my Mac to access my iTunes library. I tried this before using SMB file sharing, but this failed due to sleep-wake cycles of the Mac. This made the SMB connection unreliable. Recent versions of Daphile support sshfs, and I hoped to avoid the issues I had with SMB. sshfs requires only a ssh account on the server and uses the sftp protocol to transfer data. Unfortunately, my Mac went to sleep even during a sftp file transfer. With ssh, you can block sleep with settingRead More →