When accessing the network of my company over VPN, the connection to the remote access infrastructure is initiated through my browser. Actually, the browser downloads and runs a piece of software from Juniper called Network Connect. Juniper also provides a standalone client software called Junos Pulse. An IOS version of this software is available as well.

I find the Junos Pulse client to have some advantages over the “browser” method. Most importantly, the Junos Pulse client handles suspend/wake of your PC or Mac correctly, meaning that after closing/opening the lid of your laptop, the remote connection is resumed without the need to log in again. (with the “browser” method, you’ll get the “already connected” screen” in this scenario) Secondly, you can define multiple VPN gateways and settings up front making gateway selection fast and easy.

Finally, Network Connect is said (Juniper Forums) to have problems on OSX 10.9. My MBA with OSX 10.9 runs Junos Pulse without problems.

The Junos Pulse client software is available from Juniper at http://www.juniper.net/support/downloads/?p=pulse. Note that you have to register with Juniper in order to download the client.

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