OSX makes me happy. A professional desktop with Unix under the hood. Too bad Linux never made it to that level and is still stuck on X11. Unfortunately, our current IT world requires you to be able to run Windows applications. Be it your Tax program, or your favorite Amateur Radio logbook. You can use Wine, and many applications run under Wine. But what does that mean, run under Wine? Does everything work? That requires you to test every functionality of an application. I thought that when the main stuff works, the rest also works. Wrong. My favorite logbook program works 99% under Wine, onlyRead More →

Operating your radio equipment from a remote location is a hot item nowadays. There is the no-PC solution using Remote-Rig with a transceiver with detachable display. Remote-Rig is a smart configured controller with a closed software VoIP system. A perfect solution for K3 or FT-857 owners, but not for me. My TS-2000 is connected to a PC already, and it’s display isn’t detachable. Furthermore I don’t like carrying my transceivers display around. A TS-2000 is 100% controllable via the serial port (remember the TS-B2000 black-box version). 100% means for example that the volume control actually sends a variable voltage to the processor and the volume is digitally set. SoRead More →

I love my Baofeng. Not because it’s cheap. No, I love it because it’s smart and so different from my FT-60 that I sold some time ago. The FT-60 is considered by many to be superior to the Baofeng. I’m convinced that these people have never used both. NiMH battery technology is outdated. The FT-60 drains the battery completely, after that no reception is possible anymore. A Baofeng disables transmit so you can continue receiving some some time, that’s smart… I know that this is required in order to save the Lithium-Ion battery, but it would benefit NiMH as well. Baofeng’s two channel reception is very practical.Read More →

After updating my FT100, see FT100 MLU, Murphy attacked. The PTT switch inside the mike started to act weird, just as I was on holiday and operating /A from Denmark. Of course, I didn’t expect a switch failure and thought it was RF getting into the transceiver. After some Internet research it became clear that this PTT switch failure is a common FT100 failure. One solution is to order a replacement switch from Yaesu, which apparently is still possible (at least in the US). Alternatively you can buy a new mike from Ebay for little money and upgrade to DTMF along the way (the FT100Read More →